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"Embark on a 25-year cinematic journey with Brett Walkow and the extraordinary HappyTown Studios, where laughter meets legendary collaborations and boundless creativity."

Experience the extraordinary world of filmmaker, Brett Walkow, as he enchants audiences across the globe for a magnificent quarter-century. From sharing the limelight with the likes of comedic titans Jimmy Fallon, Melissa McCarthy, and the legendary Jerry Seinfeld to gracing the most prestigious stages and screens, Brett has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.


With a career spanning 25 glorious years, Brett Walkow's star-studded journey through the realms of laughter and film is nothing short of legendary. His illustrious path has led him to iconic appearances, such as The Tonight Show, HBO, Comedy Central, and the glittering Golden Globes. From roaring audiences at Lollapalooza to a decade of shows in Las Vegas’ biggest casinos, Brett's comedic ridiculousness knows no bounds. Not to mention, his résumé is adorned with an impressive list of collaborations with corporate giants like Universal Pictures, Cisco, Paramount, Citibank, T-Mobile, and the magical realm of Disney, just to name a few.


In 2011, the polymath filmmaker, director, producer, writer, editor, actor, and musician decided to embark on a new adventure, birthing the iconic production company, ClownTown. Brett's inaugural creation, "Carmageddon: The 405," took the world by storm, making headlines on every major TV network and even being translated for its Spanish-speaking audience. Emboldened by this triumph, Brett unleashed his creative love in his passion project, "The Hanukkah Mensch’s 8 Nights Of Hanukkah," a winner of the prestigious Best Short Film award at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. In the ensuing three years, ClownTown flourished, with Brett at the helm, directing riveting commercials, spellbinding documentaries, a special feature for the renowned Improv Comedy Clubs, and spearheading the creative content of product lines and festivals.


The year 2014 marked a glorious evolution as ClownTown transcended the City of Angels and was reborn as the dazzling HappyTown Studios in the heart of Chicago. Brett and his team embarked on an odyssey of creativity, consistently breathing life into one spectacular project after another. Among their most notable endeavors, "The Science of Happiness," a viral commercial short, creating fans worldwide, from Las Vegas to South Africa. Brett orchestrated a comedy masterpiece alongside Oscar winner Brendan Fraser, raising over 200k for the noble Abilis charity. Recently, Brett directed a breathtaking ad campaign for Steinberg Behavior Solutions, a Chicago-based company dedicated to providing comprehensive, individualized in-home and in-school ABA therapy for young children with autism.


What lies on the horizon of this cinematic virtuoso? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Brett Walkow's HappyTown Studios!

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