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Brett Walkow
Owner, HappyTown Studios


For 25 years, entertainer Brett Walkow has been entertaining audiences all over the world. He's performed alongside Melissa McCarthy & Jimmy Fallon, on The Tonight Show, and in Seinfeld's movie 'Comedian'.  Appearances include:  Live @ The Golden Globes, Comedy Central, HBO, NBC, FOX, CBS, Just For Laughs Festival, Lollapalooza, 11 years in Las Vegas, and as the host of a 200 episode celebrity talk show (with guests including Kevin Nealon, George Wallace, The Simpsons, & Family Guy).
In 2011, this director, producer, writer, editor, actor, & musician decided to create a production company to bring his creations to life, ClownTown. His first film was the smash “Carmageddon: The 405.” This Los Angeles spoof was featured on every major TV news station and even translated into Spanish!  Brett used this success to write, direct, and star in his passion project, “The Hanukkah Mensch’s 8 Nights Of Hanukkah,” winner of Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival. The next 3 years, went on to direct commercials, shows, documentaries, a special for The Improv Comedy Clubs, and as the head of creative content for product lines and festivals.
In 2014, Los Angeles' ClownTown expanded and evolved into Chicago’s HappyTown Studios. Brett and his team have been living a dream come true, always producing something new project after project. The commercial short “The Science of Happiness”, which went viral worldwide, reaching fans from Las Vegas to South Africa. “The Eagle Report” hitting 60,000 views in its first 6 days of release, giving love and support to our Chicago Teachers during their strike. And recently, Brett directed an amazing documentary in Los Angeles about the triumph of the human spirit over tragedy.

Currently… HappyTown Studios is wrapping production on one of it’s most beautiful projects to date, a commercial ad campaign for Steinberg Behavior Solutions, a Chicago-based company providing comprehensive and individualized in-home and in-school ABA therapy for young children with autism.

What’s next? Coming this winter and 2023, HappyTown Studios begins production on a hysterical racy ad campaign for Extra Wide Sock Company! Stay Tuned!

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